Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Next Recession

When will we have the next recession?  Nobody really knows for certain.  The better question may be how will be combat the next recession?  The Federal Reserve cannot reduce interest rates to a below zero percentage rate.

Some presidential candidates have suggested lowering corporate taxes.  That would definitely help by ensuring companies had more cash for expansion, but many politicians will not touch this for political reasons.  Also, it still may not result in enough job creation to offset the economic downturn of a major recession.

Does this mean that the next recession will be longer and more extensive than normal?  If any recession does have a normal time period, the answer may be yes.  The tools we use to bring an economy out of the economic downturn are already the being employed to prop up or subsidize the current economy.  So, what happens when this economy takes a turn for the worse and where would it be it we were not already “stimulating“ it?

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